A Starter Guide to Violin Accessories and Tools

When starting violin lessons there are many accessories that are invisible to the complete beginner. The absolutely necessary accessories like rosin are usually included but sometimes, students are presented with a violin, a case, and not much else! As an experienced teacher I always recommend certain accessories when getting started. These accessories are easy to find and it’s inevitable (and delightful!) to acquire a little collection throughout the years. Many of the accessories I recommend are from brands that are reputable in the industry so I encourage students to buy branded over unbranded items and to never rely on accessories that are included in a set. These items are incredibly customizable and should be an individual signature to the student they serve!

In this article we’ll go over the most important things you need for starting the violin and a few extra accessories that are great to have as students progress through their studies.


Music Stand

A music stand is an absolute must have for musicians! It holds your music and helps you maintain good posture throughout playing. If you started music lessons without one you probably quickly had to figure out a makeshift way to hold up your music pages, propping it on a dresser, bookshelf, couch, or even taping it to the wall. While these solutions work in a pinch, the functionality of a sturdy music stand can’t be beat!

Shoulder Rest

A shoulder rest i